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“There is a persistent belief that only uniquely creative minds are capable of generating breakthrough ideas and innovation. But this simply isn’t true. Everyone can learn how to innovate and create brilliant solutions. It just takes practice and experience.”

AboutAbout Us

We bring people together and give them the tools and mindset to think differently. We help them breakdown challenges and develop solutions and opportunities – faster.

Whether it’s a Design thinking training workshop for your team to become more Human–Centred or a Design sprint session to tackle and solve your team and/or organsiations biggest business challenges.

We get people together and give them the tools and mindset to think differently. We help teams and organisations to identify their biggest challenges and co-design viable solutions with them using immersive experiences.

Grounded in training and facilitation, we train organisations in Design thinking. We use an immersive hands-on approach that takes your team through a high-level introductory workshop of different Design thinking/Human-centred design methodologies. We believe that when you change the mindset you can unlock new opportunities and find solutions to everyday business challenges.

What WeWe DoDo

01. Design thinking.

Co-Design Problem Solving

We facilitate immersive workshop sessions using proven Design thinking methodologies and collaboration tools. These workshop sessions enable your team to identify and break down their biggest business challenges and create opportunities and outcomes in shorter time frames.

02. Human-Centred.

Training Sessions

We believe that when you change the mindset first, you can change the behaviour. We develop training sessions to get your people up to speed in Design thinking. In our training sessions you will learn how to identify and solve business challenges using a Design thinking/Human-Centred approach.

03. Service design.

Mind the Gaps

We find and bridge the gaps between your organisation and your customers to create better opportunities and seamless experiences. We co-design these opportunities and experiences with you to keep your customers engaged longer and to continually do business with you.

  • Identify the business challenge/s
  • Use a Design thinking methodologies
  • Understand and define the challenge
  • Codesign solutions and opportunities
  • Clearly defined session outcomes 
  • Learn Design thinking methodologies
  • Understand how to define problems/challenges
  • Use collaboration tools for better ideation  
  • Work in groups to create solutions
  • Mindset & tools to apply to other challenges
  • Conduct Design research/exploration
  • Develop a Service Blueprint
  • Create Customer journey maps
  • Identify gaps and opportunities
  • Develop better customer experiences (CX) 
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